Quadriga II

Quadriga II

When you compare the Quadriga II to the Triga II, the differences are quite clear. That is why the vehicles are competing in different classes.

The Quadriga II is competing in the ‘Urban Concept’ class. It is an urban vehicle with mirrors, lights, a door, a horn and windshield wipers. De Quadriga II is powered by two electric motors and the energy is provided by a batterypack.

The driving torque coming from the electromotors is being transferred through a sprocket to the wheels. Both front and rear wheels can steer when entering a corner, which is called four-wheel steering. This results in a lower rolling resistance and a smaller turning circle.

When entering a corner, the inner-wheel will have a shorter radius than the outer-wheel. This means that the electromotor in the inner-wheel hast to turn slower. This mechanism is controlled by an electronic differential. The steering angle is being measured and this signal is being adjusted through the electro controller before controlling the electro motors.

Quadriga II’s suspension is very innovative. A laminated leaf spring has been filled with a sandwich construction which contains carbonfiber and rubber. This functions as a spring and shock absorber in 1! The body in not self-supporting. It is made of fiberglass and is resting on a carbonsandwich monocoque. Through this, we created a firm and light construction which is ideal for our goal: driving the track using as less energy as possible. Quadriga II’s predecessor, Quadriga I, has put down a score of 1:870 km. In 2013, this was the best score of whole the BeNeLux! The goal for this year is to beat this previous record. To help us, we know have 6 Electrical Engineering students who develop an even better and faster motor controller.