Het team

Phidippides bouwt al sinds de oprichting in 2007 aan het meest duurzame voertuig van Europa.

Het team bestaat uit 29 enthousiaste studenten die verder willen kijken dan alleen hun opleiding. Door mee te doen aan de Shell Eco-marathon verbreden de studenten hun visie, niet alleen op het Automotive-gebied, maar ook op het gehele proces van concept tot realisatie.

De studenten moeten eerst een strenge selectieronde doorstaan voordat ze worden toegelaten tot het team. Hierdoor wordt ons team gevormd door serieuze studenten van opleidingen binnen de Hogeschool Rotterdam zoals Automotive, Elektrotechniek en Industrieel Product Ontwerpen.

  • About Arno van Hoek

    Over About Arno van Hoek

    “My name is Arno van Hoek, second year Electrical Engineering student at the Rotterdam University of Applied Science. With my involvement in team Phidippides I hope we can achieve a good result this year at SEM in London. I will challenge myself this quarter with the CANBUS system of Quadriga II. I hope we can collect enough data to achieve an increase in power savings after each run. It is a fun and challenging project in which I am learning many things, including working with very strict deadlines.”

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    About Niels Vogelaar

    Over About Niels Vogelaar

    “My name is Niels Vogelaar, third year student of Electrical Engineering at Rotterdam University of Applied Science. With my involvement in team Phidippides, I hope we can achieve a good result at this year’s Shell Eco-marathon in which energy plays the primary role. I’m going to work on the electrical system of the Triga II. The control system will be designed so that the fuel cell will operate more energy efficient and more practical. It’s a very fun and challenging project where I hope to learn a lot. It is also a wonderful addition for my education.”

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    About Bryan Boonekamp

    Over About Bryan Boonekamp

    My name is Bryan Boonekamp. I am studying Electrical Engineering at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. I hope we will get a good result with the Triga II in Londen this year. I will have the role of project leader Electronics during EEP61. Together with Niels Vogelaar I will optimise the fuelcell main control board so that it will become a closed-loop control system. When the fuelcell closed-loop control system has passed the tests, I will use this data in my own simulation that I have created. This simulation simulates the fuelcellstack and the fuelcell closed-loop control system. This is a very fun and instructive project which also gives a lot of experience.”

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    About Tom Verlaan

    Over About Tom Verlaan

    “Last year I was part of team Phidippides, unfortunately not everything ran as well during the race last year. . The goal that has been set for this year is to achieve at least a valid result. To realise this, I will be responsible for the drivetrain of the Triga II. Around the drivetrain, there are two projects. First of all, to find a spot to optimize the current system. Secondly to develop an innovative solution to improve the current system. We will make every effort this year to finish in London and also to create a good basis for the project next year.”

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    About Tim Batenburg

    Over About Tim Batenburg

    “My name is Tim Batenburg and this semester I am taking part in Team Phidippides as Team Manager. My job is to ensure that the team continues to run like a well-oiled machine. Last year I participated in the team and was mainly occupied by sponsorship and finances. This year we are taking the project to the next level to ensure that we achieve a good score in Le Mans with the Quadriga II and in London with the Triga II. Managing a team is a complex task, but I see it as a challenge! With great enthusiasm I will coach the team and. Additionally I will help with the design process.”

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    About Sem Bijvoets

    Over About Sem Bijvoets

    “My name is Sem Bijvoets, 3rd year student Automotive Engineering. As vehicle manager of the Quadriga II it’s up to me to ensure that the team will put down a good result this year . Besides supervising and directing team Quadriga II, I take care of transportation combined with the necessities for the race locations. After we were able to drive only 7 of the 10 laps required last year, the motivation is even greater to complete the race this year. This year we are going to get a good result! “

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    About Michel de Jongh

    Over About Michel de Jongh

    “My name is Michel de Jongh and I am currently a third year student Automotive Engineering. Last year, during the SEM 2015 in Rotterdam, I dealt with the fuel cell system in the Triga II. This year I will take on the role of fuel cell specialist and manager of the Triga II. Both functions bring some challenges, but both share a common goal: the Triga II has to put down a memorable score during the SEM 2016 in London. The fuel cell system I will develop will contain a new controller strategy and the fuell cel will be optimized. As vehicle manager, I will ensure technological progress is booked and I will ensure that all the individual components work in harmony. My goal is to prove the potential of the Triga II during the SEM 2016 in London and put team Phidippides firmly on the map. “

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    About Marc van Cappellen

    Over About Marc van Cappellen

    “My name is Marc van Cappellen, as a third year student Automotive Engineering  I’m competing for the second time in the Shell Eco-marathon with team Phidippides. I am responsible for the electrical systems in the Quadriga II, this is a major challenge because this has been a big problem in recent years. The aim is to provide a reliable and comprehensive electrical system that will result in a good result in France.”


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    About Guust Specken

    Over About Guust Specken

    “Hi I’m Guust and I’m a third year student Automotive Engineering. My task with Phidippides this semester is to take care of the test data and develop a plan in response to the tests that we perform with the vehicles. Besides this, I will be the driver in this years’ Quadriga II. Since we have not been able to put down a result with this vehicle last year, I am keen to do this at the upcoming race in Le Mans this year.”

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    About Dennis Langerak

    Over About Dennis Langerak

    “My name is Dennis Langerak. I am a third year student Automotive Engineering. . This is the second year I am participating in the Shell Eco-marathon. Within Team Phidippides I am solely responsible for the suspension of the Quadriga II. The goal for this year is to get a good result at Le Mans. To achieve this objective I will be mainly focused on this race to improve the current suspension. In parallel, we expect to developan innovative solution to enhance the current suspension. This solution will be built and tested after the race that will set the base for next year.”

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    About Andy Veldhuis

    Over About Andy Veldhuis

    “My name is Andy Veldhuis and I am a third year student Automotive Engineering at Rotterdam University of Applied Science. Last year I also participated in the Shell Eco-marathon and I was responsible for the front suspension of the Triga II. The knowledge and great experiences I’ve gained last year meant that I didn’t hesitate participate again this year with the most motivated team of the Shell Eco-marathon, team Phidippides! This year I’m going to develop a new optimized rear suspension for the Triga II for which I have to take into account components such as the drive, braking and vehicle behavior.”

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    About Sven Hulscher

    Over About Sven Hulscher

    “I am Sven Hulscher, second year student Automotive Engineering and I am taking part in this year’s Shell Eco-marathon project. During this semester, along with Roy Diepenbroek, I will be responsible for the homologation of the Quadriga II. This means that the Quadriga II will get a Dutch licenseplate. I am participating in the Shell Eco-marathon because I think it is a very instructive and interesting project. The goal I have for this year is to put down a good performance in London. “

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    About Steven Boonstra

    Over About Steven Boonstra

    “As a second-year student Automotive Engineering I will be doing research to see if its is possible to improve the drivetrain of the Triga II. Last year there were a number of technical defects which resulted in no official lap time for the team. Partly because of this it is important for our team to be able to set a lap time during the race in London. It is my goal to guarantee a reliable and efficient result. The Shell Eco-marathon project is important for my personal development. It also gives me the opportunity to make use of all the competences I’ve learned thus far in the Bachelor Automotive Engineering.’’

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    About Roy Diepenbroek

    Over About Roy Diepenbroek

    “My name is Roy D. Diepenbroek and I am a sophomore Automotive Engineering student at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. I joined the team because I find future technologies extremely interesting. In addition, it is also an opportunity to gain additional knowledge. Within the team I’m responsible for the accounting of the financial expenses and sponsorships of Phidippides. I am doing this job with Justin ten Brinke. We are going to stay busy recruiting sponsors, accounting and arrange transportation to the race venue. All this under the name of Operations. All in all I’m going to do my very best to get a good result.”

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    About Rik Huurman

    Over About Rik Huurman

    “I’m a sophomore Automotive Engineering student at Rotterdam University of Applied Siences and responsible for the alignment of both vehicles. The correct alignment of the vehicles is crucial for the reduction of the rolling resistance. I think it’s great to be able to participate in the Shell Eco-marathon project because there is a huge challenge and I am very competitive. This year we will score in London! ”

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    About Rick Struys

    Over About Rick Struys

    “I am a sophomore Automotive Engineering student and it’s my job to design new, lightweight rims. It’s a nice experience to work in a team with so much knowledge. Personally I also hope to gain a lot of knowledge. I’m already looking forward to the race in London!”

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    About Bart Kranenburg

    Over About Bart Kranenburg

    “I’m a sophomore Automotive Engineering and I am working on the wiring harness of the Triga II, which will be completely renovated this year. The harness includes all electrical wiring of the Triga II components and subsystems which are controlled and fed. You can see it as the cardiovascular system of the vehicle. It’s my job to make this as clear and reliable as possible. In addition, it is important to ensure that there isas little energy loss as possible. If the rest of the team is as motivated as I am, it must be a unavoidable that we are going to put down a great result this year! “

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    About Noëmi van Etten

    Bestuurster Triga II

    Over About Noëmi van Etten

    “I’m a second year student of Industrial Product Design and driver of the Triga II. The whole team has worked hard on the car and it’s my job to deliver the best results. During testing, I am often the first person who knows what is going on with the car and it is my job to communicate this to the team as clear as possible. What I hear, see or and feel as a driver of the vehicle is hugely important. The Shell Eco Marathon is a durable race, this means I have to drive as efficient as possible, but at the same time as fast as possible. The importance of sustainability in addition to speed requires a different driving style than carting for example.”

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    About Bastian de Groot

    Over About Bastian de Groot

    I’m Bastian de Groot, second-year student Automotive Engineering at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. I am the youngest HNDstudent of the team this year. I’m dealing with various components to ensure that the Quadriga II will pass inspection. Interesting in these components and parts is that they are mainly carbon fiber. , The great thing about carbon fiber is that it is very strong and lightweight. I find it a very interesting project because we are future-oriented and do innovative work. “

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    About Charlène van den Brink

    Over About Charlène van den Brink

    “Hi! My name is Charlène van den Brink, a second year student Automotiv Engineering. Also, I was chosen to be part of this year’s team Phidippides. Within the team, I shall be dealing with Public Relations together with Eline. This is all about keeping it up to date in the area of the activities of Phidippides. Think of the tracking website, posts on Facebook and other external communications. This is often underestimated, but it is of major importance because exposure can lead to new contacts with sponsor companies and Phidippides is largely dependent on sponsors.”

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    About Crystal Lo Tam Loi

    Over About Crystal Lo Tam Loi

    “I am a fourth year student Automotive Engineering at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. This year, I’ll be participating in the team for the third time. Within Team Phidippides I’m primarily responsible for everything that has to do with composites. This year, I will mainly deal with the carbon fiber leaf springs for the Quadriga II. There are always opportunities to improve cars. It is my goal to improve the cars’ aerodynamics and to accomplish weight reduction in components. “

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    About Danny van Zijl

    Over About Danny van Zijl

    “I’m a second year student Automotive Engineering, 22 years old and responsible for the steering and the waterproofing of the Quadriga II. For me this is an opportunity to develop myself in areas where I normally do not venture. Because of my training as a graduate Technical Specialist, I have a practical view on problems and I hope to help the team this year by using my skills. The race will this year take place in London, which means the car should be waterproof so that the electronics won’t be affected by possible wet weather. This needs to be perfect in order to avoid rain and dirt coming into the electronic circuit. The Quadriga II uses an innovative four-wheel steering system, so the car has a tight turning circle. In addition, this would also have to ensure that the vehicle has a lower rolling resistance. Certain parts of this system are worn out or can be improved. By making the system ready to drive again, the improvements added to it, hopefully create a more efficient vehicle. “

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    About Declan van Heesen

    Over About Declan van Heesen

    “I’m Declan Heesen, Automotive Engineering sophomore student. I will mainly deal with task to optimize the fuel cell, which is to make the components as efficient as possible. I will also deepen myself in the fuel cell to let it operate as economical as possible. Working in a team in this project really appeals to me, and we hope to get a good result in London.”

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    About Eline Dekker

    Over About Eline Dekker

    “My name is Eline Dekker and I am a second year student Automotive Engineering. This year I will be focussing with Charlene on Public Relations for team. Both the internal and external reporting is very important for the team, because this is the way to get attention and to attract sponsors. My activities will include going off the fairs, presentations, tracking social media, etc. I look forward to next year and hope to learn a lot! “

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    About Jannes van Middelkoop

    Over About Jannes van Middelkoop

    “My name is Jannes van Middelkoop and I am a second year student Automotive Engineering. This year I am involved with the aerodynamics of the Quadriga II. When the Quadriga II has a lower air resistance, it will cost less energy to drive. This is the first year that I participate in the Shell Eco-marathon and I see this as an opportunity to learn and experience new things. “

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    About Jay Ghering

    Over About Jay Ghering

    “I’m a sophomore Automotive Engineering at Rotterdam University. Since I am very interested in electronics and vehicles, it is my task within the team of the Shell Eco-marathon to produce a chassis dynamometer in the coming period. On this chassis dynamometer, the two vehicles will be tested. Participating in the Shell Eco-marathon is an excellent opportunity for me to develop my skills in the field of R&D. Moreover, it is very educational to work with students of different disciplines. Competenties and talents from different disciplines are combined to create the best possible result! ”

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    About Justin ten Brinke

    Over About Justin ten Brinke

    “My name is Justin ten Brinke and I am a second year student Automotive Engineering at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. I am participating in the Shell Eco-marathon project because I think advanced technology is extremely interesting. In addition, I really like working in such a big project within the education, where multiple teams from different bachelor programs work together in order to achieve the ultimate result. Within the teamI’m in charge of the finance and sponsorshisp of the project. We will deal with accounting, recruiting sponsors and arrange transportation to the location of the race. All this under the name of Operations. “

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    About Matthijs van der Haven

    Over About Matthijs van der Haven

    “Because I’ve earned my HND in one year I got the chance to participate in the Shell Eco-marathon 2016. In this project, I’m going to keep me busy with optimizing the braking system of the Triga II and Quadriga II. There are certain requirements that the brake system must meet. In addition, it is important that the brakes to cause as little as possible barriers when they are not in use. I really like working on this, it is a beautiful experience and I hope to learn a lot.”

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    About Michel Roozen

    Over About Michel Roozen

    “My name is Michel Roozen and I am a second year student Automotive Engineering. This semester I keep myself busy with improving the brakes of the Quadriga II. The current brakes of the Quadriga II must be optimised and should meet the requirements of the SEM. Furthermore, we intend to acquire a legal road license for the the Quadriga II . To pass this test, the Quadriga needs to meet the requirements of the official Dutch Licensing facility.”

Wat is SEM?


Wat is de Shell Eco-marathon?

De Marathon is een uniek jaarlijks evenement waaraan studenten uit heel Europa meedoen. Deze competitie draait om één ding: zo zuinig mogelijk met de energie omgaan. 230 studententeams bouwen ieder jaar één of meerdere voertuigen en strijden om de beste plaats.

Dit jaar zal de Marathon in Londen plaatsvinden, vlakbij het Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Het circuit is 2240 meter lang en ieder team moet 8 ronden afleggen in 43 minuten. Wie dit het zuinigste doet, wint!

Er zijn verschillende klassementen waar de teams in kunnen strijden. Team Phidippides bestaat uit twee aparte teams, die beiden een voertuig hebben rijden in een andere klasse. De Urban Concept klasse is één van deze klasse en staat dicht bij de realiteit. Zo hebben de voertuigen in deze klasse verlichting, een claxon en een ruitenwisser. De andere klasse waar Phidippides in meerijdt, is de Prototype klasse. Hier wordt gestreden om de meest zuinige voertuigen. Het bijzondere aan deze klasse is dat de teams meer vrijheid krijgen om hun voertuig te construeren. Vorig jaar heeft de winnaar van het evenement maar liefst een verbruik van 1 op 10.000 km behaald!

Wist je dat?

Wist u dat in 2015 de 30e editie van de Shell Eco-marathon in Europa is? Phidippides doet al acht jaar mee!

Wist u dat Phidippides in 2011 in de Prototype klasse en in 2012 in de Urban Concept klasse het beste team van de Benelux was?

Wist u dat de doelstellingen voor dit jaar voor de Triga II 1:1800 km en voor de Quadriga II 1:1000 km zijn?

Wist u dat Phidippides de persoon uit de Griekse mythologie was, die de eerste marathon gelopen heeft?

Wist u dat wij op de energie, die je uit een flesje (0,5L) water kunt halen, 566 km kunnen rijden?

Wist je dat sinds 2015 Phidippides niet alleen maar uit studenten Automotive bestaat, maar ook Elektrotechniek en Leisure Management?


Elk jaar creëren en innoveren wij, voor een duurzame toekomst. We willen dit laten zien door twee innovatieve voertuigen neer te zetten die een zo goed mogelijk resultaat op de Shell Eco-marathon neer kunnen zetten. Dit kunnen wij echter niet alleen. We werken samen met de bovenstaande bedrijven. Wilt u en uw bedrijf ook samenwerken aan een duurzame toekomst met ons? Dan is dit de kans om deel te nemen aan innovatieve ontwikkelingen en maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen. Bovendien biedt het u een kans om te investeren in de werknemers van de toekomst!

Wij zijn de bedrijven waarmee we samenwerken erg dankbaar, daar doen wij graag iets voor terug! Wij bieden hen exposure op diverse manieren, bijvoorbeeld plaatsen van het bedrijfslogo op onze voertuigen en teamkleding.

Bij interesse kunt u uw contactgegevens achterlaten, dan nemen wij zo snel mogelijk contact met u op.



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